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Due to reasons beyond our control, health and otherwise, we are sadly closing out a chapter in our lives that has brought us many new friends that are now like family to us. We will miss them and our horses dearly, which leads me to this. We are offering for sale 3 stalls in Barn 11, stalls 1, 2, and 3 which are perfect, they are close to both show rings, on top of the hill and you have a wash area on that end handy. These all are being offered private treaty. For prices you may call 270-871-3415 and leave a message and we will get back to you.

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Outlawís Sweet Dream  #87-29889

Sweetie is like her name, she is solid sorrel mare with a beautiful small head and a no nonsense attitude. We are unsure about any riding abilities as we have never tried to do so, she leads well and doesnít get to upset about strange things. She is by Missouri Outlaw and a walking horse mare that is a granddaughter to Ebony Masterpiece, she is in good shape and blood typed.

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Travelerís Rocking Lena  #89-30577

Lena is out of the immortal Missouri Traveler and an O Johnny O mare. Lena is about a 14í2 hand mare with a gorgeous petite head, sorrel with a lot of flax in her mane and tail, we know nothing of her riding background either as we havenít tried to do so, but she also leads well and has shown no bad traits other than being a bit spoiled!! She loves her treats.. Lena is in good shape and blood typed, but appears to be blind in one eye as it is cloudy but has never bothered her.

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SOLD Legendís Fancy Lady M.    #91-37053

Fancy is out of The Legend M. and WGC Zaneís Charming Lady, talk about rhythm she is loaded with it. Fancy is a big sorrel mare with a tiny spot in her forehead. She has raised several beautiful babies since she has been here; again we know nothing of her riding abilities as we have only used her for a brood mare and friend. She handles well at halter and always comes to see if we have treats for her. Fancy is a great mother and is in wonderful shape and is also blood typed.

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SOLD Missouriís Miss Tuesday A.   #93-42994

Big, beautiful bay and an own daughter of Missouri Traveler, out of Toddyís Roan Princess on the bottom. Tuesday was shown by Diana Hollandsworth as a 2 yr old, and was bought by the Gianniniís who have shown her in the open and extensively by a youth before she became a brood mare. Tuesday is a very good going mare in great shape, a big asset to any program plus not many anymore can say they are riding a Missouri Traveler daughter.

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Ladís Sassy Sensation    #93-41529

For the ones who remember and still appreciate the Traveler/Sensation breeding. A very nice gentle bay mare she won open 3 yr old futurity mares, Illinois State champ, ladies reserve 3 yr old, and has a heart big as Texas . Sassy was shown a lot as a 3 yr old, but due to an injury when she was a 2 yr old and the induction of the federal guidelined dqpís we never showed her any place that anyone could ever have the idea of giving her a ticket for an old scar she has on her right front cornet, even though she has always been 100% sound, so we used her for local shows and a brood mare afterward. Sassy is in great shape and blood typed also.

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SOLD A Little Bit of Sass C.    #00-64356

Bitsy is the best moving mare on the farm, a class a broodmare, we had 5 babies the year we had Bitsy and due to other obligations she received the least attention, she handles well is green broke to ride for an experienced rider only. She is chestnut and gorgeous with a small irregular star and 2 rear socks, she loves to play in the mud and is an easy keeper. Great shape and blood typed.

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A Touch of Class C.    #02-72600

Where to start, Cammie is a beautiful bay mare, she is broke and was shown as a 3 yr old, and 4 yr old she was shown under saddle and at halter, never receiving below a fourth place in anything she did. She has had one beautiful colt that is gentle as a kitten and so curious and willing to please we are anxious to see how he turns out under saddle. Cammie needs a good rider; she is in wonderful shape and blood typed.

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Mulish is a 2005 white spotted gaited mule, that is truly the biggest spoiled brat we own! He is always the first one to the gait when you call, easy to catch and has been broke to pull a buggy. He is very pretty and loaded with personality; he is in great shape also, but no blood typing!!

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Specialís Classy Sassy    #09-94990

Or as we call her 'Baby' is a beautiful petite black bay filly who was shown at halter placing 4 in the yearling class, she is by Brian Landís Jesterís Special Time M. out of WGC Missouriís Charming April M. topside. And a granddaughter of Cast Iron Camelot H. on the bottom, Baby has a front end that is on the ground and loves to trot out in the field; she truly is a special filly.

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Camelotís Cadillac Style    #10-96542

Cadillac Style is one of those oops colts, where you open the wrong stall door to the turn out!! Regardless he is a very friendly eager to please young horse that is ready to start to work with, he is chestnut, halter broke and ready to go!!

All these are at private treaty, and we really just want them all to have good homes with new owners who want to love and spend the time with them that we have not been able to due to some new health problems and working hours.

Bobby & Brenda Copple

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