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About Foxtrotters

Working with Fox Trotters - Lee Ziegler

What To Look For In A Foxtrotting Horse - Rick Watson

What are Fox Trotting Horses -- Author: Rick Watson
    What Makes a Horse Gaited?
    The Fox Trot
    The Walk
    The Canter
    Conformation of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse

Glossary - Gaits of the Missouri Foxtrotting Horse

Shipped Semen - Horseman's Marketplace Magazine, 11/97

Trail Riding Safety -- Author: Jim Antley

Help from the Farrier -- Chris Gregory, MS, CJF, FWCF

Equine Forms & Articles

Links to a few great sites that provide equine forms that will help safeguard your business. You will also find legal information.

The following articles were published by Oklahoma State University and Extension Office

   'First Time' Horse Ownership
   Managing Grazing of Horses
   Nutritional considerations for Broodmares
   Reproductive Management of the Mare
   Teasing and Insemination Methods for Breeding Mares
   Nursing Foal Management

Foxtrotters from the Past

   Old Fox -- Author: Janet Esther
   Ozark Golden King -- Author: Janet Esther
   Zane Grey -- Author: Dale Esther
   A TRIBUTE --'Missouri Traveler E.' -- Author: Nadine Moeller